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VoIP Telecoms

Voice over IP can be a cheaper alternative to using a landline and can be used on a mobile phone, mobile WIFI or alongside an existing system, an ideal solution to adding a business line or additional lines.

Choose a number to use with a VoIP call system or set up to forward the call to another number. For your business we recommend choosing an 0333 Non-Geographic number for your customers to call, all numbers that start with 03 are charged at the same rate as standard landline numbers that start with '01' or '02' and usually included within any call package with inclusive or unlimited minutes.  You can also select a local number on the list that has the added advantage of receiving inbound texts that can then be sent to email or a database.

Numbers have an annual service charge of £35 ( first year includes £5 free calling credit to get you started )  and then you simply top-up calling credit that is used to make calls or forward calls to another number. Topups start at £7.00 inclusive and never expires.

Calls using your VoIP to UK landline from Daytime: 1.2p/minute, Evening: 0.92p/minute, Weekend: 0.92p/minute, full price list on request.

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